In a fast-changing world, where players are getting younger and more sophisticated, why would you deploy the same old dumb technology and expect better results?

Here at IDX Games we are designing technology around tomorrow’s gamers. Building systems that deliver better service, entertain players and create excitement, but more importantly, drive you more revenue and add value.

For example, take the humble BSB, (baccarat Score board) the screen at a gaming table. It’s often the most visible media screen that players see, but what content are you showing on it? Does it add value to the customer experience? Does it really help the players? For instance, many casinos still waste valuable time between rounds letting players figure out the game trends before they place their bets. Why not increase their gaming satisfaction and remove the confusion of dumb old scoreboards? Why not deliver more valuable information that makes playing and engaging in the game easier? Why not take the opportunity to add some more excitement and action to the game?

Introducing X-Trend

X-Trend Screen shots  all games covered

IDX Games have completely redesigned what the players see on the table monitor, adding eye catching animations with an element of theatre. This delivers more entertainment, engaging players and increasing their satisfaction and knowledge of the game. Armed with this, they can make faster decisions that speeds up play, and by adding some “IDX” unique features, it may encourage them to enjoy more action on side bets.

The intelligent X-trend module not only focuses on the external customer, “the players”. It also comes with an operator dashboard that makes life easier for management. From the backend interface, management can review past games history and a myriad of game statistics and data, to both check the validity of the game and see how the action is being spread. No more blaming “Luck” without fully understanding where is originated. This interface also allows complete control, from setting table and pit prices, changing trend board layouts and controlling all the content available to the players.

Content is customised to suit your market and brand. Operators can change the look of the scoreboard in mid-game without disturbing play history. You can choose to add marketing windows, celebrations, bonuses or even jackpot meters, that can be built into a custom layout. They cover all casino games and build themes that resonate better with your players. IDX are constantly developing innovative features to keep the product new and refreshed, which increases the interest from players.

Imagine, if we could speed up your baccarat game by 30%, or drive 30% more side bet action, how would that impact your revenue.? Now, what if we also offered instant rewards and bonuses direct at the table for players to reinvest in more activity? As traditional as baccarat is, there are still limitless possibilities for game innovation, and we are open to sharing them with you.

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There are myths out there, that say people don’t like new concepts, but is that true? Or is that just the fear of change? Is that the same argument people used for Tesla before they launched their electric car? Or the one for those who couldn’t see a use for the IPAD when that was launched? We will always be a curious race, usually when customers get to experience something new, they will only crave for more. Metathesiophobia entirely dissipates once people see the positive values that change brings to them. In fact, over time they often wonder how they ever lived without it.

Here at IDX, our promise is to deliver you products that will never go out of date, striving to keep them looking new and interesting. We will continue to develop and add smart features continually improving what we offer, always supporting you and your player’s needs and helping you to grow revenue though innovation and increasing customer satisfaction.

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If you would like more information or a free demonstration in your venue, please let us know. We are happy to discuss how we can bring you value and integrate our system into your existing table equipment, updating your operation for little or no capital outlay. Maybe it’s time to attract a new generation of players, or just inspire and bring back your regulars with something new.

the future control centre of gaming ops

 X-Table Intro

X-Trend is only the first product in IDX’s full suite of intelligent modules that form part of their X-Table product. They offer a full “closed loop” suite of intelligent modules that give operators the tools and ability to improve management, marketing, promotions and customer service.

About the Author: Peter Johns is an accomplished gaming executive with over 30 years in senior management and operations. Focusing on delivering customer centric products that add value.

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