With Covid19 affecting 95% of bricks and mortar casinos players over the last 8 months, a lot of Gamers switched to Online play in a big way, with growth in this sector up a conservative 20%- 30% . Some say more.

Online may not offer your traditional players the same experience of a real casino, but certainly the technology statistics and betting aids, found online, may have them re-thinking their game.

With most online casinos deploying Artificial intelligence and Machines Learning (AI/ML) programs to get to know their players habits better and cater to their needs and desires. Will this mean that BMCs will need to up their game, to satisfy their players when they eventually return?

Will players be looking for the added features celebrations bonuses and excitements they got use to for the last 6 months

Habits, according to research take around 60 days to form,

According to Professor BJ Fogg, a Behaviour Scientist at Stanford and expert in habit formation, Habits follow the 3Rs principals, and although it wasn’t specifically related to gambling the principals remain the same

  1. Reminder – the trigger for the behaviour
  2. Routine – the desired behaviour that you want to repeat
  3. Reward – the benefit from the desired behaviour

For Online casinos increasing the excitement and wins, and keeping the player both interested in the game and on the table  can be all monitored and managed  digitally, with many programs using some sort of  AI /ML  software to understand the play habits,  what excites them, triggers to effect decision making , bet amount and side bets. Players can be promoted in a myriad of ways

  • Push notification, messages and reminders to play
  • Re-play bonuses or incentives make extra side bets or play feature
  • Win and bonus celebration and Side games
  • Progressive jackpots and other bonus features

Many factors of the games from logging in times, reactions and alertness are all monitored in an effort to know the player and his habits so that the online casino can both keep them interested and keep them returning to play

The fact is after 6-8 months of only online playing, some players may have already found a more satisfying experience online and formed a habit of play.

So, does this mean that traditional casinos firstly, need to find ways to attract there players back, and secondly give them similar or more forms of entertainment and rewards they got from the online experience?

If players return looking for the same entertainment they got used to online, are they going to be sadly disappointed.

All gamers are looking for some form of entertainment and the best entertainment that offers them the best rewards often ends up winning them over.

Players are constantly looking for more fun, competition and the “high of the game”, something to get the adrenaline pumping, whether its chasing the thrill of the outside chance, or holding  pocket aces in poker, so it’s important to have celebration moments when they pay off.

How are traditional casinos supplying this ?, are they deploying any smart technology that can combat the competition from online gaming sites? Or offering players anything more than there standard silent pay-outs?

Up to now, very few casinos have entered this realm of SMART technology, those who have introduce “smart” systems seem to be focused on improving efficiencies and optimising their opening times, and running costs but very few seem focussed on improving the customer experience.

There are many other benefits to using smart technology. Besides the obvious use of tracking and alerting management of illegal or suspect activity, So why not consider systems that can boost customer service standards by alerting staff to act on actions in real time, and not wait for reports to arrive at the end of days when business is over.

Tracking bets, wins and losses as well as cash buy-in at tables is all great data collection to excite your analysts who can create pages of graphical information to let you know if you could have done better last night or even last month.

But what if your systems could learn the habits of your players and give your management better information to act on in real time.  Could this help you improve Customer service or solve issues even before they arise?

Not only could you reward your players quicker,  keeping  them entertained at the tables longer, but from a service standpoint management can be alerted to pick up on certain betting habits that may require intervention relating to either responsible gaming policies, customer service and marketing activities.

Even better, SMART table additions could have the capability to issue instant coupons or rewards, servicing players without the need for actual staff, reducing both the labour cost and the favouritism factor.

What if the table could automatically print an “invitation to take a break,” Maybe it’s a F&B voucher with a time-based redemption?  for someone who has been on a bad losing streak.  Maybe you want to celebrate and reward all the players because the table has been lucky tonight, or Offer room comps or rides home, if certain rules have been met.

The use AI and ML technology should not be looked at as an intrusion or privacy or in some way that “Big Brother” is watching. It’s something that should be embraced as a positive for BMC operators, we all know the online world has been using these techniques for some time, Unfortunately some not always in a positive way. But its technology that’s here to stay, and the Smart responsible Casino operators, not only  have a chance to compete against Online casinos, but they can utilise it to improve the benefits and service offered to their customers and ensure they return to a safer more responsive playing experience.

  1. How have you change the offering to compete with Online play?
  2. How can you compete with Online AI/ML practices to manage the expectations of your players?
  3. Do you think the standard baccarat tables and games common in casinos, provide enough excitement and smarts featured to cater to both the new younger players and millennials?
  4. What systems do you deploy or have you considered for extra bonus or incentives


“Exceeding expectations is where satisfaction ends and loyalty begins.”

Ron Kaufman. https://ronkaufman.com/

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