Apply now to IDX Games job openings and join a fun, upbeat, energetic, team that are reimaging the casino gaming industry.

 What it’s like to work at IDX Games:

  • Fun, Energetic and Youthful working atmosphere, where our office is stock with arcade games, foos-ball table, as well as an open snacks and drinks bar.
  • Work with incredibly talented and motivated individuals who have desire to develop their skills exponentially.
  • Develop products that are disrupting and redefining the casino gaming industry.
  • We don’t believe in outdated metrics like “working longer hours makes you a better employee”. We work hard, sure, but we also work smarter. Arbitrary rules and regulations kill creativity and innovation, so we value flexibility, and a hyperfocus on products, products, products.
  • Feel part of a fast-growing start-up, (i.e. we value open discussion and have a limited bureaucracy), where there is no hierarchy of opinions. If you have difficulty talking candidly with your development lead and team, then this is not the space for you.
  • Everyone here has a CAN DO attitude. In-order to create innovation solutions that will disrupt the casino gaming industry, we needs people who can think outside the box.

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