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Grand Lisboa Palace Macau. X-Stadium Install

IDX Games and idNerd Studio Limited Hong Kong are proud to associate with Macau’s newest integrated resort and casino, Grand Lisboa Palace (GLP).

idNerd and IDX produced and installed the graphical content, as well as produced and supplied our exciting X-Stadium Live product in partnership with LT Games Macau, on GLP’s ETG stadium.

GLP customised their stadium scoreboard content with the “Mystical Beasts” theme, creating a unique point of visual difference from their competitors. It also gives their players recognisable, coloured zones in the 10 live Baccarat games being offered.

The Mystical Beasts come to life any time there is a trend building in the game, alerting players to take notice. This is enhanced by the “Hot Tables Hot Trend” module of X-Stadium which produces prominently shown Trend Badges on the scoreboard, which helps players to follow the game.

We wish GLP great success and are very proud to have been a part of this project. We look forward to delivering them great content for years to come.

They are now proud to have Macau’s newest and most expressive Halo Signage above LT Games.

IDX Press Release. Hoiana Resort Vietnam

IDX Games debuts Vietnam’s first X-Stadium product integrated into the casino’s multi-terminal gaming stadium.

The installation also marks IDX Game’s first integration with Interblock Gaming, the world’s number one luxury electronic table games developer and supplier. It is also the first installation where IDX utilises their dynamic casino trend-board system, X-Trend.

 X-Trend is an interactive and dynamic casino gaming trend-board system that drives real-time triggers and animations for game results. The system provides more information to players and alerts them to valuable game insights.

 X-Trend is available for integration into any model of ETG, and also features as a module on the company’s live table games system, ‘X-Table’. X-Trend not only adds more excitement and entertainment value to the table games experience but generates more play, increases player engagement, and speeds up gameplay.

 “This is the first integration of X-Trend on an ETG stadium, but many of our ETG installations benefit from the host of features offered in our X-Stadium product, including ‘Hot Tables Hot Trends’, ‘Lucky 6’ and many other marketing opportunities. Now, we bring attention to side bets and display the live odds in an entertaining way that customers will notice and enjoy more,” says IDX Games’ CCO, Peter Johns.

 X-Stadium is IDX Games’ advanced show control system for ETGs. Using their ‘One Canvas’ solution, X-Stadium increases flexibility and marketing opportunities to drive revenue. The system is used extensively in Macanese casinos where ETGs represent over 35% of the EGM market.

Hoiana Suncity plans to attract players from all over Asia with their modern casino offerings. The casino features more than 350 slot machines and electronic table games, as well as 90 live table games in Phase One alone,” says IDX Games’ CEO, Peter KY Wong, “The team at Hoiana has designed and opened a fantastic resort, and have been open to bringing innovative concepts to the gaming floor – a true first for the Asian market. We wish them all the luck in their business.”

IDX Games Website Launch

IDX Games website launched today, customer will now be able to access our webpage to learn more about our products, company news, our bi-weekly IDX Blog, latest jobs opening, as well as customer support website.

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