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IDX Games’ vision is to create the most innovative gaming solution for the casino market by using the latest technologies to bring fun and entertainment back to the games.


IDX Games (a sister company of idNerd Studio) is Asia’s leading supplier of ETG display control system, advance table trendboard solutions provider, as well as a bespoke contents creator. IDX Games uses a customer-centric approach to problem-solving in the ETG display market, helping clients achieve their company goals with breakthrough technologies and creative design processes.

IDX Games R&D team work alongside premier 3D animation experts from the idNerd Studio, injecting that much-loved pop of entertainment and interactivity into gaming content development.

IDX’s flagship product, X Stadium, launched the company into top-of-mind regional market consciousness, changing industry stands for the better when X Stadium was first unveiled at the Macau Gaming Show in 2016.

Today, IDX adds two hot new products to its repertoire – X Trend and X Table – giving its valued clients an all-encompassing, integrative table games experience that is unmatched.

As a registered local business in both Hong Kong and Macau, IDX promises to deliver effective and seamless solutions to casino operators and trusted manufacturers in both hubs and beyond.


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